Chez Pascal French Restaurant

Bonjour et bienvenue at Chez Pascal Restaurant Sans Souci where the Chef Philippe C. Lebreux will cook for you in a convivial atmosphere. Philippe was trained in France and worked with some of the country's best chefs.

Our specialities include Ox cheeks braised for 5 hours and Crêpe normande, which will not be served with cream or ice-cream. We organise gastronomic nights at the customers request, {maximum: 12 people} with 8 courses for $ 90 pp.

We are B.Y.O. and offer air conditioning comfort with off-street parking for your convenience. Our opening hours are Tuesday through to Saturday from 6.30 pm until late. Book today for your traditional dining experience. We have daily specials - view menu

To watch: Philippe and Pascal on the cooking series "The Hot Plate" on Channel 9.

We don't have a facebook account. The one opened under his name is NOT his! This is not the right Philippe C. Lebreux, the Chef. For your comments you are welcome to go on Ch9's facebook "THE HOT PLATE." Thank you. Yolande

Award winning chef with joie de vivre!

  • Diplomé de L'Ecole Ferrandi: 1972
  • Membre des "Cordons Bleus" d' Australie: 1993
  • Officier Maître Grillardin de La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs: 1995
  • Professeur de cuisine à Loftus Tafe: 1996
  • Ambassadeur de la cuisine Française en Australie: 2007
  • Commanderie des Chevaliers de L'Europe {pour le cassoulet}