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Pâté de Foie Maison

Homemade chicken liver pate with cornichons and toast 18.5

Soupe à l'oignon Gratinée

Traditional French onion soup 13.5


Escargots de Bourgogne

A dozen snails cooked in garlic butter 21.5

Gratin aux Fruits de Mer

Prawns & scallops cooked in bechamel then gratinated with melted cheese and bread crumbs 28.5

Salade de Mangues aux Crevettes

Pan-fried prawns served with a fresh mango salad marinated in Rum & chilli 25.5


Foie Gras

Goose liver pâté served on Brioche in a truffle essence sauce 32


Carre D'agneau

French cut roasted rack of lamb finished in mint & Port wine sauce 34.5

Poulet Vallée d'Auge

Grilled chicken breast in a Calvados & mushroom sauce 28.5


Poisson du Jour

Market fish of the day cooked with prawns & scallops in a dill sauce with cream 38.5


Filet de Boeuf  a la Bourguignonne

Char-grilled fillet steak cooked in red wine, onion, mushroom & bacon 36

Joue de Boeuf

5 hour braised beef cheeks, mash, orange Grand Marnier sauce 28.5

Venison Grand Venuer

Venison fillet seared to rare finished in Cognac, red currant & black pepper 39.5


Pudding au Chocolat

A decadent 70% Callebaut Belgian chocolate with crème anglaise 14.5


Crêpe Normande

Caramelised apple pancake finished with Calvados 17.5


Crème Caramel $12.5

Salted Caramel & Apple Tart 14.5



White chocolate mousse with a Baileys Irish Cream centre 14.5

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